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Methodist Rehabilitation Center increases Report Turnaround Time with Avreo interWORKS

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North Charleston, SC – January 20, 2015 Methodist Rehabilitation Center (MRC) located in Jackson, MS was not only looking for a PACS solution that would make their transformation from film-screen to digital effortless and efficient, but also for a user-friendly, web-based system for easy access to images and reports. Avreo’s WAN optimized, web-based connectivity within interWORKS ensured that MRC’s radiologists and other healthcare professionals were able to access images and reports regardless of location. In addition, MRC found the interWORKS Mobile App to be extremely helpful for ordering physicians and noticed a significant increase in overall report turnaround time as interWORKS seamlessly distributes finalized reports to MRC’s existing EHR system.

“The web-based capabilities of interWORKS has been a great aspect for our facility as well as our offsite campus so that our physicians and staff can access images and reports from virtually anywhere,” stated Valerie Massey, PACS Administrator/Technologist. “The use of the interWORKS App is very handy for the ordering physicians to use on their iPhone/iPad when searching for images and reports. Avreo training went smoothly and the specialists that came on site during the implementation process were very pleasant and helped make the process as stress free as possible. Overall, the turnaround time for reports being produced in a timely manner has been a huge advantage. The radiologist is able to read through voice recognition and the reports are automated through the EHR and distributed to each physician through a push notification via email. All in all, we have been very pleased with the Avreo PACS system and their support team.”

About Avreo

Avreo, founded in 1997, is a leading provider of RIS/PACS solutions for outpatient facilities, multi-specialty organizations and community hospitals. Avreo interWORKS was designed as the first single application/single database Radiology Workflow Solution (RWS) including RIS, PACS, EHR, Dictation, Transcription and auto report delivery system that encompasses all the features a busy practice or hospital needs to operate efficiently. Avreo is a privately held company based in Charleston, SC. Avreo offers our solutions on an operational (fee/exam) or capital acquisition payment model. For more information, call 1-800-844-9926.

About Methodist Rehabilitation Center

For the last 30 years, Methodist Rehabilitation Center (MRC) has been dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of the lives of those they serve throughout Mississippi and its surrounding states and continues to be committed to excellence and leadership in the delivery of comprehensive services. To learn more about Methodist Rehabilitation Center, visit www.methodistonline.org.

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