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Lawrence County Memorial Hospital Avoids Costly Infrastructure Replacement with Avreo interWORKS RIS/PACS Solution

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North Charleston, SC – February 8, 2017. When their legacy RIS/PACS vendor indicated they would need to switch platforms in order to retain their system, Lawrence County Memorial Hospital (LCMH) in Lawrenceville, Illinois, began searching for a more cost-efficient solution.

LCMH chose Avreo’s interWORKS RIS/PACS due to its ability to utilize the hospital’s existing IT infrastructure, ease of interfacing with their existing Hospital Information System (HIS) and that of their off-site radiologists’ Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), and the higher functionality of interWORKS’ robust Radiology Information System (RIS). Avreo’s interWORKS went live in November of 2015.

“One of the top two things I dread is changing IT vendors, just because of how complex it is and the things that can go wrong,” remarked Doug Florkowski, Chief Executive Officer. “Historically, we’ve had problems when we’ve tried to interface outside vendors with our existing HIS. I’ve rarely seen a vendor deliver that, but with Avreo, the majority of the time it did happen.”

As a Critical Access Hospital, LCMH needed to make certain they received the best return on their investment. Florkowski stated that by choosing interWORKS, the hospital had been able to free up significant capital by not having to replace their existing infrastructure.

Because interWORKS allows department personnel to work within a single application, LCMH technologists now are moving through the system faster, making them able to spend less time in the RIS/PACS and more time with patients, creating a win-win for both the patients and the hospital.

“Avreo’s willingness to think outside the box to meet our need is unheard of,” Florkowski said. “There’s value there and comfort in being able to tell another CEO, IT director, or CFO it’s going to be okay, because most of the time it’s not!”

About Avreo

Avreo, founded in 1997, is a leading provider of RIS/PACS solutions for outpatient facilities, multi-specialty organizations and community hospitals. Avreo interWORKS was designed as the first single application/single database Radiology Workflow Solution (RWS) including RIS, PACS, Dictation, Transcription and auto report delivery system that encompasses all the features a busy practice or hospital needs to operate efficiently. Avreo is a privately held company based in Charleston, SC. Avreo offers our solutions on an operational (fee/exam) or capital acquisition payment model. For more information, visit www.avreo.com or call 1-866-286-8082.

About Lawrence County Memorial Hospital

Lawrence County Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed critical access hospital located in Lawrenceville, Illinois. The hospital approaches the challenges of the ever-changing healthcare industry with energy, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to serve. Lawrence County Memorial Hospital has many services and technological capabilities normally found only in larger facilities; yet our people care for you with the genuine concern of friends and neighbors.

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