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Avreo Capacifi DICOM Virtualizes DICOM Infrastructure

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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC, NOVEMBER 20, 2017– Avreo, Inc., developer of healthcare workflow solutions, announced today the release of Avreo Capacifi DICOM Appliance.  This innovative hybrid storage platform virtualizes your DICOM devices to the cloud, offering self-expanding storage and fast image retrieval, which minimizes the need for expensive, forever expanding onsite storage. In addition, this storage technology encrypts data in transport and at rest, and provides storage options to manage expenses based on expected data access and usage. Avreo Capacifi DICOM appliance is available as a stand-alone product to support and augment your existing healthcare storage needs via a Hybrid IT design.  It can also be combined with Avreo Capacifi HA to fully virtualize your organization’s infrastructure, while providing High Availability to critical healthcare systems by leveraging the Internet of Medical Things and Cloud technology.

“This flexible solution offers a virtual harddrive that speaks healthcare, which frees your organization to leverage the cloud to embrace self-expanding DICOM storage rather than continuing to build onto your local infrastructure,” stated Jonah Still, CTO of Avreo. “As Avreo Capacifi DICOM appliance is vendor neutral, it offers a level of hardware-based portability should your organization choose to change PACS vendors or systems.”

“Not only does Capacifi DICOM produce value in creating a virtual infrastructure, but the convenient pay-as-you-go pricing with no upfront fees and no contractual commitment provides unprecedented economical value to healthcare organizations,” stated John Sloan, CEO of Avreo.

Avreo Capacifi DICOM Appliance is a true vendor neutral IoMT hardware device that can support your healthcare imaging needs as a DICOM node within your organization providing virtualized DICOM storage for your enterprise imaging network of devices such as your PACS, imaging sharing applications, universal viewers, medical image viewing workstations, and any other devices needing access to DICOM.   

About Avreo

Founded in 1997 and based in North Charleston, SC, Avreo is a leading healthcare software provider of the only single database complete RIS/PACS/EHR solution, cohesively connecting each step in the radiology workflow and improving the overall structure for healthcare organizations across the country. Avreo’s product line continues to focus on healthcare workflow solutions with the addition of Avreo Cloud VR, AutoMate Authorizations Management, Capacifi High Availability, Capacifi DICOM and other related products. For more information, visit or call 1-866-286-8082.

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